Playmobil: The Movie Toys Review (Playmobil)

Playmobil: The Movie Toys
What It Is

Playmobil: The Movie is, of course, based on Playmobil toys. And, of course, there are now toys based on characters and scenes from Playmobil: The Movie. Collect some of your favorites in a variety of ways, starting with blind figure packs. Each pack in series 1 includes one buildable figure and a sticker of that character. There are 12 movie figures to collect, and you can keep track of your collection on the collector's guide. The guide also gives you building instructions.

You can also collect Rex and Marla with deluxe accessories in individual figure packs. The Marla with Horse set comes with 26 pieces because you get to saddle up her horse, and outfit both the horse and Marla figure with a lot of accessories. The Rex Dasher with Parachute comes with five pieces for attaching a parachute to the Rex figure. If you throw Rex up into the air, he will glide down thanks to the 18.9-inch parachute.

The Robotitron with Drone set includes 18 pieces for building a pretend drone and Robotitron figure. The drone has spinning propellers and will launch two projectiles. Robotitron rolls along on his tread-like wheels.

Another scene to build and play out is Marla and Del with Flying Horse. This 41-piece set includes figures of Del and Marla, plus a horse with giant flapping glittery pink wings. Accessories include pink hay bales, a Rattler's Gulch sign, four fences, a barrel, a chicken, a snake, and coins and silverware that Marla can keep in her bag.

And then there's the 110-piece Del's Food Truck set. You get a food truck with real rolling wheels and a Del figure to drive it. A Marla figure in a different outfit is also included. Open up the side and back of the food truck to reveal the interior kitchen with what looks to be a fridge/shower. There's a ladder on the back door and a trailer hitch. A menu board and a variety of food and utensil accessories are also included to inspire pretend food play.

Is It Fun?

These will be fun for kids who like the new movie. They help bring characters and scenes from the movie to life, and with moving parts and accessories, kids will be able to play out favorite movie moments or imagine all-new adventures. Even if kids haven't seen the Playmobil movie, these sets are just classic Playmobil, offering up imaginative play through fun and detailed sets.

Who It’s For

These toys are for ages 5 and up, and will be fun for kids who liked the movie or just like playing with Playmobil figures and sets.

What To Be Aware Of

Building some of the figures was not easy.

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