Quill On Spyrosity Review (Imagimake)

Quill On Spyrosity
What It Is

It's amazing what you can make using your imagination and some strips of paper. Imagimake's Quill On Spyrosity line of craft products gives kids the tools they need to do paper quilling. If you don't know, paper quilling is an art form involving strips of paper that get rolled, shaped, and glued together. The Spyrosity line of kits provide many different ways for kids to create.

There are Creative Cards Sets for creating paper quilling art on four decorative cards. Themes include Pet Pals, Monsters, and Yummy Treats. In the Yummy Treats, for instance, coil, shape, and glue a paper shish kebab. In each kit, the use of a Spyro Coiler makes it easier for kids to roll the paper strip, and the size board lets kids know how big to expand the coiled paper to fit each design on the cards. The card designs have adhesive for the paper to stick to, and the ends of the paper strips have a sticky back so the coils stay together and you don't have to use glue. Along with the tools and the four cards, each card set comes with 40 paper strips. The Monsters and Pet Pals sets include sticky back googly eyes.

There are also eight-count card sets in themes such as Space, Ocean, and Princess. Each one of these includes seven small cards and one big card to decorate, plus 100 paper strips, the Spyro Coiler, and a size board. Depending on the theme, you might also get sticky-back googly eyes or sparkling stones. Creating with these kits is the same as the smaller card kits. Just pay attention to when you need to use a long paper strip and a short one. 

To take your paper quilling to the next level, use the Spyrosity Explore kit. You can decorate 25 cards, and the battery-operated Spyro Station coils the paper strips for you. All you have to do is insert the paper strip and press a button, then watch as the paper begins to roll. The station also has a built-in size board. As with the other kits, the design cards feature adhesive, and along with the 200 paper strips, three big cards and 22 small cards, and the Spyro Station, you also get sticky-back googly eyes.

And for a different type of paper quilling experience, there's Spyrosity 3D Crinklers. This is all about using crinkle paper to make 3-D objects. There are enough supplies to make 15 objects, including a fish, a turtle, an alien, a spinning monster, an apple, a snail, a frog, a mushroom, a cupcake, an ice cream cone, a chick, a dog, a rocket, a dino, and donut. The process is simple, but a little bit different than the other kits. You get a battery-operated Spyro Station, along with 150 crinkle paper strips. This kit also has 30 molds in five different shapes, glue dots, a coil launcher, googly eyes, and foam stickers. To get started, pick the appropriate mold, which tells you how many paper strips you'll need. Once one strip is coiled, attach a second strip and coil that one around the first. Keep linking up and coiling paper strips until you've done all that you need. Then, apply glue dots to the marked areas on the mold, and press the coiled paper down onto the mold. 

Is It Fun?

It may take kids a few tries to get the hang of using the Spyro Coiler, but once they figure it out, it is easy to do. Of course, paper coiling with the Spyro Station is even easier and really cool to watch. It makes the whole process go a lot faster. But no matter which kit you choose, these are a nice introduction to paper quilling for young kids. They get kids working their fine motor skills and will inspire kids to create paper quilling creations of their own design.

Who It’s For

The Spyrosity products range in age from 5 and up to 7 and up. Kids who are into crafts will enjoy these kits.

What To Be Aware Of

Even though the googly eyes in the kits have peel-and-stick backs, it can be difficult to peel off the backing.

The Spyro Station in the Explore and 3D Crinklers kits requires three AA batteries, which are not included. 

The Spyro Station in the 3D Crinklers kit says it can "easily coil up to 5 strips", however, our station did have a little difficulty with the fifth strip.

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    3 AA batteries required