Littles Dolls by Baby Alive Review (Hasbro)

Littles Dolls by Baby Alive
What It Is

There are new ways to play with Baby Alive thanks to Littles by Baby Alive. The collection of smaller, soft-bodied baby dolls includes 13 boy and girl baby characters to collect, as well as accessories that give little moms and dads the opportunity to take their babies with them wherever they go. And, of course, engage in nurturing pretend baby doll play.

The Littles by Baby Alive Stroller comes with one baby doll and a doll stroller. As kids push it along, their baby doll's legs will kick. (The doll is not motorized. There are tabs on the seat that go in and out to push the doll's legs forward). The doll also comes with sunglasses, a drink cup, a comb, and a blanket. The stroller is a two-seater, so kids can add another Littles by Baby Alive baby doll for double the fun on the go.

To collect another doll, there's the Littles by Baby Alive Carry 'N Go Squad. The baby doll comes with a necklace-style carrier so that kids can carry their baby wherever they go just like a real mom or dad. The doll comes with a comb and cat-ear headphones.

While each doll comes wearing a different sewn-on outfit, you can purchase Little Styles packs with shoes, clothing, and accessories for some added fashion fun with the babies.

Is It Fun?

As with all Baby Alive dolls, these are about bringing a realistic parent experience to little kids. And what could be more real than wearing baby or going out and about in the stroller? These cute little baby dolls also have a collectible quality, which will appeal to slightly older kids, and their soft bodies make them perfect for cuddling, something you can't always do with the larger, electronic Baby Alive dolls. These dolls also offer customization with the Little Styles packs and some fashion play that just adds another element to the "real parent" play: getting baby dressed in super cute outfits.

Who It’s For

The Littles by Baby Alive collection is for ages 3 and up. Kids who like playing with baby dolls will enjoy these cute new dolls.

What To Be Aware Of

Each doll and accessory pack is sold separately.

Adult assembly for both the stroller and the carrier is required but is easy to do.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy