Ellen's Games Danger Word Blindfolded Musical Chairs and You Bet! Review (Hasbro)

Ellen's Games Danger Word Blindfolded Musical Chairs and You Bet!
What It Is

If you've ever wanted to be on The Ellen Degeneres Show or Ellen's Game of Games, now you can. Sort of. Play some of the wacky games featured on both shows with a brand-new lineup of Ellen's Games from Hasbro. Guess the winning word in Danger Word, find your seat in Blindfolded Musical Chairs, and make your bets in You Bet!

Here's how to play Danger Word. You'll need four players divided into two teams of two. One player on the team is the clue giver, and the other player is the guesser. The clue givers will draw a Danger Word card and take turns delivering one word clues to their guesser. Avoid clues that might make the guesser say the Danger Word, and, of course, don't say either the winning word or the Danger Word yourself. Clue givers can build off their opponent's clues for an advantage. The guesser who says the winning word scores the card for his team. The first team to five cards wins. But, if any player says the Danger Word, nobody wins the card and the player who said it gets stamped with the cannonball-shaped X stamper. Now, on the show, the losers get sprayed with water and other random things, so a stamp is pretty tame. Beware of these X's because a team can also win if the other team accumulates three stamps. The game includes 300 Danger Word cards, a stamp, and instructions.

You'll want to read the instructions of Blindfolded Musical Chairs before you put on your blindfold. Depending on how many players you have, four to six, you'll use a different number of seats and blindfolds. So let's say you have a four-player game. One player is the host, three players are blindfolded, and two chairs are in play. The host controls the musical timer, and when the other players have put on their fabric blindfolds, the host starts the music. Blindfolded players start to dance while the host secretly places the seats on the ground around them. The seats are really just plastic discs made to look like cushions. Then, the host presses the timer to stop the music, and blindfolded players drop to the ground to try to find a seat to claim. Even though the blindfolds have eyes printed on them, players won't be able to see where they're going as they reach for a seat. If you don't get a seat, you're out. Continue playing, with new music each time the host presses the timer, until only two players remain. The game ends when one player claims the last seat. The winner gets to be host for the next game. This game comes with four plastic seats, five fabric blindfolds, a musical timer, and instructions.

Find out just how much your teammates know in You Bet!, actually a messier version of the original game where players are dropped onto a mattress if they don't meet the challenge. This version has a plastic betting unit with two water containers just waiting to be dumped onto someone's head. You'll need four players, splitting up into two teams of two. One player is the bettor, and the other player is the guesser. There are 100 double-sided You Bet cards, divided into different themes, such as Nerd Alert, For Real, Delish, and Star Studded. On each card is a topic. To play, the bettors draw a card and read what it says. The team 1 bettor makes a bet on how many things they think their partner can name in the category on the card. The team 2 bettor can bet that their partner can name more things, or they can challenge team 1 to begin guessing. If teams keep going back and forth betting, once a bettor raises the bet to 25, they're instantly challenged. Flip over the 30-second timer so that the guesser can list aloud the specified number of things. A score counter helps you keep track of the number of things that have been guessed. If a guesser succeeds, they press the red button directly in front of them on the betting unit. This moves their opponent's arrow one notch higher. If the guesser fails, their opponent presses their own red buttons to move the guesser's arrow one notch higher. If no water falls, the game continues with the same bettors and guessers. Don't switch seats until after one team has lost. How do they lose? If a red button gets pushed three times, the water container above the losing player will spill. Now you can switch players, reset, and play again. 

Is It Fun?

These games definitely have an appeal to fans of Ellen who have seen the games played on TV. But even if you've never seen these games before, they're easy to learn how to play and each one offers a different type of gameplay. Even though aspects of these versions are a little bit different than the original games just to make them easier to play at home, we still think that the silly spirit of the games is there. If you're a fan and you want to turn your next game night into a Game of Games, then Ellen's Games are the way to do it. 

Who It’s For

Danger Word is for ages 10 and up. Blindfolded Musical Chairs and You Bet! are for ages 8 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Blindfolded Musical Chairs requires three AAA batteries, which are not included.

The stamp in Danger Word may stain, so adult supervision is recommended.

Assembly of the You Bet plastic game unit is required. You'll probably want to cover your work surface and warn friends and family about the water element before playing.

Each game is sold separately. 

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy

    3 AAA batteries required