Frozen Trouble, Monopoly, and Bopit! Review (Hasbro)

Frozen Trouble, Monopoly, and Bopit!
What It Is

Olaf Bop It! brings the fun from the traditional Bop It! game. You get the same fast-paced game, but this time you're playing with a tinier version that resembles the Olaf character. There are still three commands in this game: bop it, twist it, and pull it. With the Frozen twist, players will be asked to pull Olaf's head, twist his belly, or press a button on his belly, in different combinations. Kids will need to respond quickly and accurately to win. If playing with more than one person, you switch turns once you lose and get each player gets a score. This is perfect for children 8 and up.

Once you're done with Olaf, you can journey through Arendelle in the new Frozen 2 Monopoly game. Each set comes with the game board, six character tokens, 22 title deed cards, 16 royal decree cards, 32 village dwellings, 12 castles, snowflake tokens, two dice, a money pack, and directions.

The point of the game is the same as the original Monopoly - stay financially stable and force opponents into bankruptcy by buying and developing pieces of property. In this version, there are some changes. Players travel around the board buying up magical locations inspired by the Disney Frozen 2 movie. The properties are scenes from the movie and come in color sets. New action spaces have also been added to this game. Frozen 2 Monopoly is geared toward children 8 and up. 

Finally, there's Trouble: Olaf's Ice Adventure! The object of the game is to get all your pieces to safety! Each set includes a plastic game board with a Pop-O-Matic two-dice roller, plastic castle, four plastic Olaf tokens, a two-piece plastic ice tray with four Olaf molds, nesting saltshaker and flood cup, and instructions. You'll also need salt which is not included! In this version, kids move their real ice tokens through all kinds of adventures along the game board. The game comes with ice molds for making the Olaf tokens. The plastic molds look like Olaf and his belly freezes into ice. If there's no time to wait, kids can use regular ice cubes instead. Trouble: Olaf's Ice Adventure is for children 5 and up.

Is It Fun?

These are all classic games with a twist that makes them a lot more interactive. It's also great that these are all Frozen 2 inspired and multiple players can play each game.

Who It’s For

Olaf Bop It! and Frozen 2 Monopoly are geared toward children 8 and up. Trouble: Olaf's Ice Adventure is for children 5 and up.

All three board games are great to add to your collection for family game night! These are especially great since they're all tied into Frozen 2 and the characters many children have grown to love. 

What To Be Aware Of
Each game is sold separately. 
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    2 AAA batteries required