FurReal Hoppin' Topper Review (Hasbro)

FurReal Hoppin' Topper
What It Is

This baby triceratops FurReal pet has some factual features of a triceratops- it has the three horns and frill, which acted as a type of body armor just like the real animal. Hoppin' Topper is covered in a colorful pattern throughout and has a tail as well. 

Just like other FurReal Pets, Hoppin' Topper is interactive and makes 35+ sound and motion combinations. He comes with 2 play treats and requires 4 "AA" batteries. Be sure to replace the batteries for best results while playing. If you wave your hand in front of him, he jumps, moves his head and makes lots of fun sounds - this baby dino seems to enjoy playtime! Pet him on his head, and he may sit for you! Or offer him one of his yummy-looking dino treats (that comes included) - will it be purple broccoli or a caveman cookie? 

Is It Fun?

Factual features make it more realistic . Interactive pets are always  fun for young kids. Bonus for parents; an on and off switch is available on the bottom. 

Who It’s For

Kids who love caring and playing with interactive pets such as the FurReal pets will love Hoppin' Topper, who wouldn't want to care for a cute baby dino? This also makes a great gift for kids who are into dinosaurs. 

What To Be Aware Of

Hoppin' Topper isn't too plush .

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