Disney Frozen 2 Sledding Adventures Review (Hasbro)

Disney Frozen 2 Sledding Adventures
What It Is

Sledding Adventures - you guessed it - includes a sled. This large set comes with Kristoff, cute little Sven, Elsa, Anna, and Olaf. All three dolls appear to have movie-inspired outfits and accessories inspired by their characters in the upcoming Disney Frozen 2 film. 

Elsa is in another blue dress that reflects her ensemble in the new movie. You can remove Elsa's cape off her shoulders. Anna has on a dark dress with printed details, and wears a double-colored cape, boots, and a new hairstyle. Kristoff is in a dark shirt with printed details, pants, and boots. The three dolls have removable tops and shoes, and the pants are painted on. All three also have five points of articulation. Sven and Olaf are figures and are made of plastic. Olaf has minimal articulation on the branches and Sven only has mobility at his head. Both of them stand on their own. The sled has reins attached to place on Sven, four wheels that move, a removable seat, and a small back door that opens. 

The sled does not fit all characters comfortably, but they can take turns sitting in it as you imagine a sleigh ride around Arendelle!

Is It Fun?

These dolls are all great alone or together. All dolls have articulation. Their outfits can be mixed with one another, while the sled takes imagination to a new place!

Who It’s For

It's perfect for Frozen fans who enjoy playing with dolls to recreate storylines from the Frozen film or anticipate what may happen in the new Frozen 2 film. 

What To Be Aware Of

I wish each set came with accessories.

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