Marvel and Jumanji Fluxx Review (Looney Labs)

Marvel and Jumanji Fluxx
What It Is

Based on the card game for ages 8+ that started back in 1997, these sets feature cards that are designed around Marvel Comics and both the 1995 and 2017 Jumanji films. For these sets in particular, collectible turn tokens have been included, featuring a Captain America Shield design for Marvel Fluxx, and a Van Pelt portrait token for Jumanji Fluxx. The types of cards which you'll see in this deck are Keepers, Actions, New Rules, and most importantly, Goals...all of which are themed around the respective properties. The Jumanji set adds Danger cards and Meta-Rules to the mix.

Fluxx is a game designed for anywhere between two to six players that follows a general pattern of gameplay that, as the name implies, is constantly fluctuating due to the rule cards that will constantly come into play along the way. Building from the base ruleset of "draw one, play one" and starting from having only three cards in the hand, the game progresses with rules changing as Rule Cards are implemented. Play continues until one player acquires all the "keepers" necessary to satisfy the active goal.

These sets come packaged in an eye-catching and sturdy box ideal for display, and the interior is designed to not only hold the cards firmly in place for travel, but also display the collectible turn tokens included in these sets. Also included are a rule guide and catalog from the respective release year.

Is It Fun?

Yes! These are great "pick-up-and-play" games for both Fluxx veterans and novices to keep in their game kits; the collectible packages and turn tokens are an added bonus for fans of both properties.

Who It’s For

Tabletop card game enthusiasts as well as Marvel Comics/Jumanji fans ages 8+.

What To Be Aware Of

While there are no real cons, there's also nothing new here besides the fun licenses and what they bring to the game play session. 

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy