Wizards & Werewolves Review (Starlux Games)

Wizards & Werewolves
What It Is

The game is effectively a series of three fantasy-themed variations on "zombie" tag with a dash of "hide and seek" and "capture the flag" for good measure. The game is designed for 4 or more players with no set limit beyond a recommended maximum of 10 at the highest level of play. 

Included are seven character cards (used for the highest level of play), five "star crystals" (which cure werewolf bites), five "wizard armlets" (which indicate status updates for wizards), four "field markers" (which define the boundaries of the gameplay area), and one"mood crystal" (which is used to defeat the Alpha Werewolf). All the game pieces use cell batteries, which are all replaceable and, most importantly, already included.

The game pieces all feature either buttons or switches to activate their lights. Lights are vibrant, and should be easy to spot in darker environments. The pieces have a simple but aesthetically pleasing look to them, and the character artwork and descriptions definitely fit the theme of the game. The manual has a parchment texture to it.

While the more complex games will take more time to learn (for instance, the most difficult of the three types will take two or more games according to the instructions), this should also make the longevity of this bundle worth the purchase alone as there will be ample opportunities to truly "master" the game.

Is It Fun?
Yes! The flexibility of gameplay types and sizes make this perfect for multiple occasions.
Who It’s For
Large groups and fantasy game enthusiasts ages 8+
What To Be Aware Of
Game pieces rated for approx. 12hrs or more of continuous light.
  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy

    15 cell batteries required