MEGA Construx Black Series Game of Thrones Sets Review (MEGA Brands)

MEGA Construx Black Series Game of Thrones Sets
What It Is

The Battle Beyond the Wall kit recreates the dramatic action from the battle at the Northern Wall. There are 176 pieces total, and minifigures include a White Walker, the Night King, and Jon Snow. Characters feature roughly 13 points of articulation and each come with accessories. The figures work well and can be used with other sets. Equally important is that the build shouldn't take very long nor be very complex for most users.

The Daenerys and Drogon set contains a minifigure of the Mother of Dragons herself, a figure accessory, and pieces to build her iconic dragon. There are 735 pieces total, and the two included guides (each of which cover half of the construction of Drogon) should indicate that this won't be a quick and easy stroll. It won't be terribly complex either, as directions are straightforward, so it shouldn't be too difficult for even casual builders to complete this set in a reasonable stretch of time.

There is a LOT of detail to be found here as Drogon is articulated in multiple points all over his body without being too delicate. A nice touch is the fabric wings that allow for more dynamic posing and a "natural" look in the process. Equally handy is that Drogon can either be posed to stand without assistance, or be posed to simulate flight for more complex dioramas if so desired.

(And don't worry if the kids want to take either kit for a spin...while the source material may not be age-appropriate, these bricks most definitely are for many younger users).

Is It Fun?
Yes! Beyond the building, the figures are fun to play with and the Drogon piece in particular is a really cool all-purpose dragon toy when complete!
Who It’s For

Game of Thrones and brick building enthusiasts 16+.

What To Be Aware Of
Small parts are not recommended around ages under 3.
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  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy