Bianca City Life Dollhouse Review (KidKraft)

Bianca City Life Dollhouse
What It Is

Give your dolls the coolest space to play with the Bianca City Life Dollhouse. This skyscraper-inspired four-story dollhouse extends upward so it doesn't take up as much floor space. And within these four floors, there are six play scenes: a clothing boutique, a cafe with patio, a pet salon with pet park, a gym, living quarters, and a rooftop pool. The movable staircase and kid-powered elevator help the dolls get from floor to floor. And 26 accessory pieces help kids furnish each room and customize the look of the wooden dollhouse.

In the pet salon, use the attached brush to groom the included dog figure inside the big tub. The cafe next door has built-in shelves and a display case. Turn the dollhouse around to shop in the clothing boutique, with built-in shelves and three hangers. The chalkboard easel can be used in either store to display that day's specials or sales. Next door is the gym, with a yoga mat, treadmill, and weights. In the living quarters, kids can set up a couch, a table with two chairs, a flat-screen TV, a side table, a bed, a nightstand, a lamp, and a toilet. Press the button on top of the toilet to hear flushing sounds. The hanging light in the kitchen/dining room also lights up. And on the top floor, there's a pool and lounge chair. A double-sided playmat can be used as a road on one side of the dollhouse or a patio and green space for the cafe and pet salon. There's also a selfie wall on one side of the building. 

Is It Fun?

We love the look of this dollhouse, and kids will, too. Because it's double-sided, there is a lot of space to play. And kids can easily stand and play with this dollhouse, that hopefully won't take up as much space in your playroom because of its vertical design. The accessories are very clever (we love the gym pieces) and will inspire a lot of storytelling.

Who It’s For

The Bianca City Life Dollhouse is for ages 3 and up. 

What To Be Aware Of

Adult assembly is required, and it took us three hours to do. The instructions were not always easy to understand. 

Six button cell batteries for the light and toilet are included.

We do kind of wish that the playmat extended all the way underneath the dollhouse so that kids didn't have to switch it each time they switched sides. 

Dolls are not included, but KidKraft does sell small dolls. You can also use any 11.5 inch dolls that you already own.

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    6 cell batteries required