Ninja Ball Review (Cortex Toys)

Ninja Ball
What It Is

Ninja Ball is one part target practice and one part dodgeball! Intended for ages 5+, it can be played by as many as eight players, though two is the standard configuration here. Included are the Ninja Ball (with a cool looking dragon emblem emblazoned on it), three samurai stands, three ninja stands, and one set of instructions.

The stands are made of a foamcore board and consist of two pieces that slide into each other for quick and easy setup. The art design is cute and fun, so it will be just as enjoyable to look at these samurai and ninjas as it will be to "unleash the dragon" all over them. The ball itself is lightweight and soft, which is perfect for full-contact impacts that should be relatively safe based on the rules of the game. It is comfortable to hold and not unpleasant to be hit with, so nobody should have a bad time if they are met with the deadly jaws of the dragon after putting their body on the line to protect their dojo!

Rules are very straightforward: the posts are formed into a triangle pattern, with the middle space being the "dojo" (or safe zone) from which players can either throw/kick/roll their dragon ball, or from which they can emerge at risk of a turnover to get a cleaner shot at their enemy's dojo. Defenders can either retrieve the ball to fire back or, as far as I was able to understand, physically tag a player with the ball outside the dojo to incur the previously mentioned turnover - as simple as the game tends to be, it's little quibbles like this which don't appear to be addressed by the instructions.

The rules will remain intact even if you go as far as having a 4v4 game, though the biggest change will be the increased likelihood of tag-based turnovers due to the extra players on the field of battle.

Is It Fun?
Yes! While simplistic in nature and frail if contact is made with the targets at the wrong angles, this should still be an enjoyable playground activity for sure!
Who It’s For
Tag-ball and ninja/samurai enthusiasts ages 5+!
What To Be Aware Of

While this game is sturdy upon first glance, have some tape handy to repair stands damaged by awkwardly angled shots.

This game should really be played in either an indoor space free of breakables or in an outdoor environment.

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  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy