My Robotic Pet Tumbling Hedgehog Review (Thames & Kosmos)

My Robotic Pet Tumbling Hedgehog
What It Is

The Tumbling Hedgehog is a robotics kit that contains 172 pieces, and requires four AAA batteries to operate. It comes with a 40-page manual that not only teaches you how to assemble the kit, but features a fun, fully illustrated comic to go with it. Pieces include plastic components, as well as metal springs and screws.

Our assembly time clocked in around six hours, but as always, construction times will vary. Once complete, the three modes (all of which are activated with series of claps) are rolling backwards and sleeping, multiple backward rolls, and consecutive rolling. The modes can be cycled by presses of the button on the hedgehog's forehead, which is also the on/off switch for the fully assembled unit. The hedgehog will also curl up into a ball and not accept commands if no commands are issued after a certain window (about 60 seconds), in which case you need to set it upright and use the power button again.

Responsiveness is pretty good, though we did have a little trouble at times during testing. However, the real appeal of this toy is the building, and the whimsical nature of the hedgehog (and its accompanying comic in the guide) will definitely bring joy.

Is It Fun?
Yes! For people interested in building kits and specifically robotics, this should provide a fine introduction to all that (or a new "notch in the belt' for veteran builders). The comic within the manual is also a joy to read.
Who It’s For

Budding robotics enthusiasts age 7+ with assistance, or 10+ without.

What To Be Aware Of
Contains metal springs and screws.
  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy

    3 AAA batteries required