The Toothless Monster Review (Three Little Hens)

The Toothless Monster
What It Is

Getting a visit from the Tooth Fairy might be exciting, but it's not as fun as cuddling up to The Toothless Monster. This plush and book set offers an alternative to the traditional Tooth Fairy experience. How it works is that when a child loses a tooth, they read the storybook about a monster who has no teeth, which is a big problem for a little monster. He can't eat the tingtang fruit without teeth! So the child places her lost baby tooth in the secret pouch under the plush monster's tongue. When the child sleeps, the Tooth Fairy will deliver the tooth to the monster. A set of plastic teeth is included with each plush monster so that parents (ahem, the Tooth Fairy) can insert one tooth into the plush monster's mouth for every baby tooth the child placed in the pouch. The 16 included teeth are white, but you can purchase glow-in-the-dark teeth separately.

There are two Toothless Monsters to collect: blue Monte and purple Meli. If you purchase the Monte set, the storybook will be about Monte. In the Meli set, the storybook is about Meli. Both plush monsters are really soft and very cute.

The storybook also includes a monster-shaped tooth chart where parents can record the date of each lost tooth. And the last page of the book includes tips on how to care for teeth, such as brushing, flossing, avoiding candy and sugary drinks, and visiting the dentist.

Is It Fun?

This toy serves as a keepsake, commemorating each lost tooth, as well as a clever way to ease a child's fear of losing their baby teeth and helping promote good oral hygiene. Kids will like the magic of losing a tooth and then seeing it (or a plastic version of it) inside their monster's mouth the next morning. You could still have the Tooth Fairy leave behind money for the tooth, but some parents might opt to nix that part and just focus on the book's message of helping others. We think parents might also want to have your own version of the tingtang fruit handy so kids can eat a piece of fruit along with the monster in the book. The only thing we weren't pleased with was the difficulty snapping the plastic teeth into the monster's mouth.

Who It’s For

The Toothless Monster is for ages 5 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

The idea of Toothless Monsters came about after a husband and wife were asked by their child what the Tooth Fairy did with all the lost baby teeth.

It was not easy to snap the teeth into the monster's mouth.

Glow-in-the-dark teeth are also available for $5.95.

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