Lil Cutesies Petites Nesting Dolls Review (JC Toys)

Lil Cutesies Petites Nesting Dolls
What It Is

Each surprise egg brings you three layers of eggs to open, one inside another. Each egg contains a piece of fun accessory that you'll use for your Lil Cutesie baby. Each egg is a different size and can be decorated with the facial stickers which, are included. A birth certificate is included that allows your child to fill it out. Other accessories included in this unboxing were a toothbrush and toothpaste. The baby is inside the last and smallest egg, and has great vinyl detailing. The baby has no clothing and has five points of articulation. The top half of the body and bottom half are detachable as well.  Some additional fun includes placing the doll in cold water and seeing a special image show up in the back of the diaper. 

The other set of Lil Cutesies Petites is not in full blind bag form, but still filled with fun for your child. It comes in a clear plastic baby bottle with a colorful rim that matches the baby's hat inside. A birth certificate is included to fill out with personality traits for your baby. The doll comes dressed in a colorful diaper and hat, which is detachable, and two accessories that can be seen, such as a onesie and a baby bottle for them to drink from. There was only one blind bag item and in this pack, it was a yellow duck. The baby has six points of articulation. 

Is It Fun?

Accessories are always a plus and these definitely have some. The baby is very well articulated and collecting more is always fun for kids.

Who It’s For

Kids will enjoy how miniature these are and how well they are made. They can create tiny worlds for the mini babies and collect more!

What To Be Aware Of
Each is sold separately.
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