Heroes of Goo Jit Zu Review (Moose Toys)

Heroes of Goo Jit Zu
What It Is

A quirky but very fun offering from Moose, this is your typical anthropomorphic superheroes vs supervillains set that have been popular since the late 80's, Today, we'll be looking at Blazagon, Thrash, Wolfpain, Tygor, and Sahario. More figures are included in the line.

Themed around elemental martial arts, all the fighters feature a latex-free stretchy body with interiors that contain different characteristics: For Blazagon, gooey liquid to simulate squishy lava, for Thrash, flexible beads to simulate stretchy shark muscle, and ACTUAL sand in Sahario to simulate, well...Sahara Desert-inspired sand attributes. The different materials have unique textures and will make for very unique reactions from handlers of all ages. Moreover, the way the toys are designed, these will make for INCREDIBLY fun martial arts battles for young users. In fact, the poseability and range of options is what had me most enamored with these figures as toys like this (such as Stretch Armstrong or old toys of that sort) were far more stunted and required far more work to make these texture-based gimmicks integrate nicely into fun playtime.

Equally helpful is that Moose is offering two-packs of some of these characters, so you can get started with the epic collisions right out of the box!

Is It Fun?

Absolutely! The colorful characters are a key part of this working, and the fact that they cover a broad range of animals and "elemental styles" should make it very easy for children to find ones to call their own...assuming they don't just collect them all! 

Who It’s For
Goo Jit Zu Masters ages 3+!
What To Be Aware Of

Durable though they are, they aren't recommended for excessively harsh playtime due to the potentially messy materials within.

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  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy