myStorymaker Review (PlayMonster)

What It Is

Little kids become storytellers with the new myStorymaker. By pressing the buttons on this tablet-esque device, kids can create more than 100 stories and hear those stories read to them. It's as simple as choosing a hero from the top two rows of buttons (the buttons will light up to let kids know which ones to choose). Kids might want a pig named Francis Bacon or a bouncy blue whale wearing the world's biggest bow tie. Then, kids are prompted to choose an adventure from the middle two rows. Maybe they'll have their hero go sailing or fly on a jet plane. And to complete the story, kids choose an ending from the bottom three buttons. Once all parts have been chosen, the entire story will replay so kids can hear it. And they can press the play button to hear it again. Or press the question mark button to hear a different story at random.

And because these are stories that a child is creating, he or she can also hear their name at the beginning of their stories. Hold down the button on the side, and when you hear three beeps, say your child's name or have the child say his name. Then, release the button. Now, when a child makes a story, he'll hear, "This story was made by..." at the beginning of the playback.

The red Mirari button at the bottom is the power button. The myStorymaker tablet will automatically shut off after five minutes of inactivity, so just press that button to turn it back on.

Why Is It Useful?

This toy has a really nice design. The front portion is wood, and it's shaped like a traditional tablet, giving babies and toddlers the illusion that they have something just like mom and dad. Its large buttons are easy for small hands to push, and the lights, phrases, and sounds are engaging. The youngest users will need assistance from mom or dad to create the stories, but as kids get older and understand the series of steps needed to create a story, they'll enjoy experimenting to make all sorts of story combinations. 

Who It’s For

myStorymaker is for ages 12 months and up. The youngest users will need assistance from mom and dad.

What To Be Aware Of

Three AAA batteries are included.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy

    3 AAA batteries required