Heist Review (University Games)

What It Is

Included in the box are the electronic safe, eight tools (which include a drill, laptop, map, flashlight, headset, explosives, a pair of gloves, and a set of goggles), as well as 12 plastic gold bars and $50 million in play money. The safe features four buttons to press, which correspond to the four roles available, including Explosives Expert, Money Man, Hacker, or Lookout.

Gameplay is designed around the "one team, one mission" concept in every way! Part of the way the game "judges" your comprehension is by the button presses from each team member, sometimes requiring inputs from more than one member at a time. Cooperation and good communication are imperative! Gameplay lasts approximately five minutes, and continues for five successful progressions of increasing difficulty. If the game remains on and the sixth "bonus" level activates, the NEW command of "change roles" (whereby everyone physically moves to the left and takes on that player's role) is thrown into the mix, adding a unique challenge to an already interesting game.

Is It Fun?
Absolutely! Despite the roughly one hour of continuous playtime for veterans, the action will still be fast-paced and worth revisiting for multiple play-throughs and configurations.
Who It’s For
Party game enthusiasts aged 7+!
What To Be Aware Of
Requires three AAA batteries; contains small parts.
  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy

    3 AAA batteries required