Glitter Dots Keychains and Stencil Stickers Review (Crayola)

Glitter Dots Keychains and Stencil Stickers
What It Is

Create with glitter? No problem thanks to the Glitter Dots Keychains and Stencil Stickers kits. Yes, these involve glitter, but it's not messy. Instead, the glitter comes as dots that you squish down to color and create.

The keychain designs include a pizza sloth, a puppy dog ice cream sundae, and a cat taco. You get 42 colorful Glitter Dots, plus beads for added decoration. Choose your design and remove the lid. Then pick the Glitter Dot colors you want to use. Press and spread each Glitter Dot to completely fill a space in the keychain. You'll only need 14 Glitter Dots to complete each keychain design. For smaller spaces, you'll only need a pinch of a Glitter Dot and not the whole thing. Use the clay tool to help you cut. Once the design is complete, put the lid back on, slide string through the loop, add beads, and finish up with a clasp. Then tie it onto a keyring and hook it to a backpack, belt, or wherever you want to show it off.

There are 12 stencils you can use to create 16 glitter stickers in the Stencil Stickers set. This set also comes with 42 Glitter Dots, and you'll only need two to three for each design. To make a sticker, place a stencil design on the square outline of the sticker. Using your fingers of the modeling tool, press and squish Glitter Dots pieces into a thin layer to completely fill the stencil holes. Scrape away excess material, carefully peel away the stencil, and let the design dry for one hour before peeling the sticker from its backing and sticking it to pencil cases, notebooks, cards, and more.

Is It Fun?

This is a totally new way to color with Crayola. While you can use the tools to help you cut and squish, we think kids will probably like using their fingers as the tool because of the nice tactile appeal of the dots. Yes, the designs are pre-made, but picking the colors for the keychains and stickers gives kids a level of creativity. And parents will like that glitter isn't spilling everywhere. 

Who It’s For

Glitter Dots Keychains is for creative kids ages 5 and up. Stencil Stickers is for ages 7 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

The Keychains set includes 42 glitter dots, three keychains and lids, three keyrings and clips, three clasps and string, a clay tool, 20 beads, and instructions.

It's best if you let the keychains dry for one hour before handling, but after that, you're good to go. 

The Stencil Stickers set includes 42 Glitter Dots, 12 stencils, four sticker sheets, a craft tool, and instructions.

Glitter Dots colorants can stain, so make sure to protect your work surface.

Store any loose Glitter Dots in a resealable plastic container.

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