Mini Charm Stroller Organizer Review (Humble-Bee)

Mini Charm Stroller Organizer
What It Is

The Mini Charm Stroller Organizer has all the details you want to keep your stroller, as the name says, organized. 

It features a personal pocket slot with a fleece lining for cellphone and sunglasses; removable shoulder strap that allows you to take the essentials with you anywhere by unclipping it from the stroller straps and carrying it as a purse or a diaper bag; 2 neoprene bottle holders to hold the bottle's temperature longer: one for you, one for the baby; and reflective accents to increase nighttime visibility. 

The Mini Charm has a classic look: clean silhouette made of classic chalky canvas material that has a soft natural hand feel and is also water repellent. 

Why Is It Useful?

 It has an expandable and closed top design, being perfect for when you need additional necessities on a stroll and still trying to stay organized, or if you are worried about things toppling over or falling out. 

Who It’s For
Parents and caregivers.
What To Be Aware Of

 It comes with 2 detachable, reflective stroller straps and 1 removable shoulder strap. It's easy to clean, machine washable and sold in various colors.

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