Botzees Review (Pai Technology)

What It Is

With Botzees, kids can create their own robot and then program the robot to move, drum, dance, make sounds, and light up. The robot is made up of three main parts: the main control block, which function as the brain and is where all the other pieces connect; the ultrasonic sensor block, used to identify distance and obstacles; and the digital servo block, which is a motor that creates rotational movement. On top of that, you get 127 more pieces (eye stickers, building blocks, wheels) for building and decorating your robot.

Now that the pieces are identified, download the Botzees AR app. Then, you'll connect the app to the main control block via Bluetooth. From here, you follow the on-screen instructions for building a Botzees robot and engaging in different coding activities. It's not totally clear where to start first, and there are four options: Play, Build, Code, and Control. If you want a more guided tutorial on how to build a robot and use the app, tap "Play". In this mode, you'll complete 30 different stages that take you from building a robot and learning to control it to understanding some basic programming concepts. And as you play, you'll see your physical robot moving through the on-screen world and interacting with different characters through augmented reality.

If you want to take a break from that and just play on your own, you can enter one of the other three modes. Build mode shows you six different robots you can build and provides step-by-step picture instructions for building. Just make sure to press the play button to start those instructions and press the forward play button to go forward one step at a time. And you can drag your finger on the screen to rotate and flip the robot to get a better look of how it all goes together. (Of course, kids can also build a robot however they want.)

Code mode allows you to program different moves for your robot. Make the robot go forward, spin right, play a sound effect, and more. And Control mode simply turns the mobile device into a remote control for the robot. 

Is It Fun?

This STEM toy is ideal for younger kids, getting them to use problem-solving skills through a fun narrative about robots crash-landing on a planet. There's a gamelike element to Botzees, so in the Play mode, kids feel like they are helping rebuild the robots and find their lost spaceships. It's also nice to break the building, coding, and controlling into different segments so kids can engage in their own creative play and experimentation. And the building pieces are large to make it easy for small hands to manipulate.

The Code section offers some cool functions for the robot, but younger kids might like the ease of the Control section more because they can just drive their robot around.

Who It’s For

Botzees is for ages 4 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

You'll need to access instructions for Botzees from the Pai Technology website. These instructions only walk you through the main components of the robot and how to connect it to Bluetooth in the app. It took us awhile to figure out what to do from there.

Botzees runs on a rechargeable lithium ion battery and includes a USB cable for charging. 

The Botzees app is compatible with mobile devices running iOS 12+ or Android 8+.

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