Harry Potter Mystery Wands and Mystery Cubes Review (The Noble Collection)

Harry Potter Mystery Wands and Mystery Cubes
What It Is

It's no mystery why Harry Potter has become such a beloved part of pop culture. But what is a mystery are the creatures, collectibles, and wands you can find in The Noble Collection's lineup of Harry Potter Mystery toys. 

The Magical Creatures Mystery Cube collection includes eight premium creature figures and displays. You won't know which one you'll find inside until you open up the box and tear open the bag. Possibilities are Buckbeak, Cornish Pixie, Crookshanks, Dobby, Fawkes, Hedwig, Hungarian Horntail, and Scabbers. Each figure has a themed display base with backdrop scene, but the figure can be removed for play off of its display.

There are also eight objects to collect in the Journey to Hogwarts Mystery Cube series. These are actually deluxe mystery cubes, and that means that along with the mystery diecast item (or items) inside, you'll also find a satin keepsake bag and collector booklet. Each box may contain a Privet Drive sign, a wand, a coin from Gringotts, a luggage trolley, a Hogwarts Express train, a chocolate frog, a Hogwarts cup, or the Sorting Hat. Each one brings to life a favorite scene from the Harry Potter movie series.

Series 2 of the Mystery Wands includes nine possible wands to unbox: Albus Dumbledore - The Elder Wand, Severus Snape Wand, Cho Chang Wand, Sirius Black Wand, Arthur Weasley Wand, Narcissa Malfoy Wand, James Potter Wand, Ginny Weasley Wand, and Viktor Krum Wand. Each 12-inch wand comes in a wand box with matching character bookmark. 

Is It Fun?

These are a fun way for older Harry Potter fans to collect and display movie-inspired memorabilia. The Magical Creatures Mystery Cubes are geared toward the younger fan, and kids will like playing out favorite scenes with the figures they've collected. The Journey to Hogwarts Mystery Cubes and the wands are definitely more collector's pieces, with really nice detail that makes them perfect for display. We can see some kids still wanting to play with them, though.

Who It’s For

The Magical Creatures Mystery Cubes are for ages 7 and up. The Journey to Hogwarts Mystery Cubes and Mystery Wands are for ages 14 and up. All products will be fun for Harry Potter fans to collect. 

What To Be Aware Of

Each Harry Potter cube and wand is sold separately.

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