Mickey Hot Dog Dance Break Mickey Review (Just Play)

Mickey Hot Dog Dance Break Mickey
What It Is

Kids will love singing and dancing along to the "Hot Dog Song" with Mickey Mouse. Mickey comes in a standing position, wearing a blue shirt with a colorful Mickey Mouse silhouette, red shorts, and two-tone blue shoes. An on-and-off switch is located on the bottom of Mickey's feet. To switch between the three modes, simply press down on his left hand.   

What makes this Mickey Mouse plush different is that in the first mode, it plays a new version of the "Hot Dog Song." Mickey's ears light up to the beat and you can play two fun games with him! 

In the second mode, Mickey plays the old fun game of Red Light, Green Light! In the Red Light, Green Light game, Mickey plays music and dances. When the red light flashes, the music stops, and kids freeze in place for silly fun.

The third mode is playing the Color Detective game. Kids listen to Mickey's clues to see if they can guess the color he is thinking of. He gives kids a few minutes before answering. 

Although Mickey is plush on the top of his body and head, the bottom, where his feet are, is hard and may cause some discomfort when cuddling with him. 

We found when playing the Color Detective game that Mickey only gives one set of questions at a time, and it consists of only one question. If you want to continue playing, you would have to press his hand and pass the "Hot Dog Song" and Red Light, Green Light game to get a new question from Mickey. 

Is It Fun?

Mickey fans will love how interactive he is. The new song is fun to dance to, and two games add to the fun!

Who It’s For

Kids who love Mickey and watch the Disney Junior show will love this new addition. This Mickey Mouse is an adorable and interactive plush that will keep kids entertained for quite some time.  

What To Be Aware Of

Mickey needs better switching between the Red Light, Green Light and Color Detective games. This product requires four AA batteries. 

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  • Assembly & Instructions


    4 batteries required