DIY Puffy Charm Palooza Review (Ann Williams Group)

DIY Puffy Charm Palooza
What It Is

The DIY Puffy Charm Palooza set includes 408 puffy stickers, 220 metal rings, 6 o-rings, 1 metal necklace, 3 metal bracelets and 4 yards of elastic. There are even 21 shaker charms filled with glitter and gold, and pink metallic charms for added sparkle to any of your pieces. 

This DIY project is simple to do and easy to understand, since the directions are very well detailed. There are seven ways to go about making some fun designs to different things. You can make a necklace, bracelet, elastic bracelet, pin charms, shoe charms and backpack charms. 

Example- The stickers are positioned in the sheet so that matching stickers are next to each other. Remove 1 sticker from the sheet and stick to the back of the matching sticker. Try to line them up as best as you can. If by any chance the holes are filled, simply use a paperclip or pencil tip to gently push it out. Open a metal ring by holding it on each side and twisting the ends away from each other. Slide the charm onto the metal ring. 

Once that's done you can add your charms to either the necklace or bracelets. Place the metal ring through a link on the necklace or bracelet to your liking.  If you want to add it to one of the elastic bracelets just cut 9 inches of the rainbow elastic. Choose stickers with small double holes. Add as many or as little as you'd like and the ask an adult to help it fit your wrist. 

Is It Fun?

Simple craft for making expressive accessories for your everyday items. Very hands-on and uses a child's fine motor skills. It also allows kids to get creative and keep them busy.

Who It’s For

Kids and even adults who enjoy arts and crafts will love this kit. It's simple to do yet gives children the control of creativity and gets them thinking on how to do each craft and expand into other fun ways to get creative. 

What To Be Aware Of
This is an easy project to understand and finish.
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