Silikids, Siliskin, and Straws Review (Silikids)

Silikids, Siliskin, and Straws
What It Is

Encourage your little one to drink from this 100% silicone and fun cup and give any cup a straw top in seconds!

The Silikidz Silicone Straw Cup has 8oz capacity and is 100% silicone with an embedded stainless steel ring that won't let it collapse when gripped. The cup comes as a full set with the cup itself, a universal straw top, and reusable silicone straw. 

The Straw and Straw Top are also sold separately.

The Universal Straw Top is designed to stretch and grip cups to prevents big spills, it fits any cup or glass and works well for any drink. The silicone top creates a leak-proof seal - it's not totally 100% spill-proof as there is the straw hole but you won't have any problems if the cup is tilted. The silicone suction keeps it in place so it does not pop off while in use and it's perfect for on-the-go or at home. 

To use the silicone top stretch and pull it over top of cup, then pull it over around and down on sides and insert the straw. Make sure that both the top and the cup are dry for a proper grip. The Straw comes in a pack of 3 colorful tops and one reusable silicone straw. 

The Straws set is a pack of 6 reusable straws with 3 different sizes (short, medium and tall)  and it has a good diameter for smoothie consistency. 

Why Is It Useful?

 The Straw Tops are perfect for travel and allow you to convert any glass to a kid's cup. The cup itself is super durable and easy to clean, and the straw is wide enough for smoothies.

Who It’s For
Recommended for baby and toddlers that are learning to drink.
What To Be Aware Of

The Silicone Straw Cup, the Straw Tops and the Straws are all 100% silicone, BPA free and dishwasher safe.

The Straws are 5 1/2", 6 1/2" and 8" in length with a 0.5 cm opening . 

The Silicone Cup retails for $7.99, the Straws for $6.95, and the Straw tops for $9.37.

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