Lollipop Baby Camera Review (Lollipop)

Lollipop Baby Camera
What It Is

This monitor is designed for parents of newborns and toddlers, providing a WiFi and video-based solution to help you keep an eye on your baby anytime, anywhere. The Lollipop Baby Camera syncs up with the Lollipop free app, allowing you to easily and conveniently watch your baby right from your phone. Setting up is fast and easy, and it is compatible with both iOS and Android systems. This monitor has a unique patented design with a bendable leg that allows you to wrap the camera on the crib, on the included wall mount, or stand on any surface. Once you have the camera set up and it's synced to your phone, you are ready to start keeping an eye on baby.

Why Is It Useful?

The Lollipop Baby Camera has an advanced night vision feature so you don't have to worry about baby sleeping in his own room. Multi-streaming lets you keep an eye on more than one child (additional cameras are sold separately). A true crying detector recognizes baby cries from other noises with a minimum of 96% accuracy rate, and a cross-detection tracks movements.

The Lollipop monitor has a built-in speaker to play soothing sounds like lullabies and white noises, which also allows you to speak with the baby or toddler using the Lollipop app. The sounds are limited and the quality is decent but since it's coming from a baby monitor, I say it gets the job done. Finally, the Lollipop app has an audio mode tool that practically turns your phone into a sound monitor so that you don't have to watch the baby, but you can still listen to him, saving your phone's battery.

Who It’s For

This baby monitor can be used by parents to monitor their children from ages newborn and up. 

What To Be Aware Of

The box includes cable rails, a USB cord, power adaptor, screws, a wall mount, wall mount plate, the camera itself, and a clip for the tail. The body is made of a toxic-free silicone and comes in three different colors - turquoise, cotton candy pink, and pistachio green

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