Harness, Leash, and Seatbelt Review (Julius K9)

Harness, Leash, and Seatbelt
What It Is

This harness is joint friendly for long journeys and places a huge emphasis on the freedom of movement for your pet. It is available in three color combos including blue, red, or black with gray. To put the harness on the dog, you simply slip the front over the head, secure the front chest section, and then there are two adjustable parts for the back body. You can use the plastic clips to make the sizing work for your pet's chest and legs and then clip it into place. 

The leash is straightforward and classic, but durable and strong. It comes in five colors, including black, pink, blue, orange, and red. It is available in two lengths, four-foot or six-foot, depending on the type of walks you prefer with your pet. For dogs that really pull, it might be easier to use the shorter leash. Either length measures .7 inches in width. The leash is complete with an O-ring. It has rubber threads for a secure grip. It is made with a sturdy metal clasp to attach to your dog's collar or harness. 

A seatbelt attachment is also available and is sold separately. 

Why Is It Useful?
If your dog likes to bolt off, you can easily grab them on their harness. It is great if you have a big or medium-sized dog who likes to pull. The seatbelt attachment is also useful for safe car travel to prevent the dog from distracting the driver. 
Who It’s For
This harness, leash, and seatbelt are for dogs and owners who go for long adventures. If you take your dog for very long walks, then this is intended for you! Medium and large-sized dogs with a lot of stamina can benefit most from this trio. 
What To Be Aware Of

The leash has zero reflective qualities for night walking.  

This harness is hand wash only which may be problematic for dirty, sandy, or dusty trails. 

The harness, leash, and seatbelt attachment are each sold separately. 

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