Mirari Keys and Phone Review (PlayMonster)

Mirari Keys and Phone
What It Is

The Mirari myKeys is a fun, engaging baby toy with cute animal sounds. The keys feature a frog, pig, and cat and are somewhat flexible allowing babies to chew on them. The attached fob has a natural wood top and features light-up buttons that coordinate with the faces on the keys, so babies know which animal sound they will hear when the buttons are pressed! The Mirari button turns it on and off with a lovable giggle sound.

The Mirari My Phone is a toy cell phone for babies that allows parents to record their own voice message for baby to hear. It features a natural wood top and a remote. Just like grown-ups the toy phone rings, makes sounds and talks!

Pressing the Mirari button on the play phone will turn it on and off, and it will go into sleep mode on its own after 3 minutes of inactivity. To record your own personalized message for your child, hold down the side button, wait for the three beeps, pause for a second and then record your message of up to 10 seconds. To hear your message simply press the same side button. You can record new messages as often as you want but only the last one will be saved.

The phone has two modes of play. Mode 1 is a full-function mode on which you may use the remote to activate the phone. When you press the remote button from up to 15 feet away, the phone will ring and your personalized message will play. Children can also play with the phone by pressing the lighted buttons and hearing fun phrases and sounds. The Mode 2 is a phone-only play mode that deactivates the remote to conserve battery life. The child can still press all images buttons, see lights, hear the sounds, and the voice message will still play if the side button is pushed.

Is It Fun?

They Mirari myKeys has cute, and not irritating sounds, and it's also a great teething toy. 

Being able to record a personalized message on Mirari My Phone is super fun and also the possibility to make it ring with remote, surprising the baby.

Who It’s For
It's recommended for babies 6 months and up.
What To Be Aware Of

Mirari My Phone retails for $19.99 and Mirari My Keys retails for $9.99.

Both products come with batteries included. 

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  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy