Disney Frozen 2 Follow-Me Friend Olaf Review (Just Play)

Disney Frozen 2 Follow-Me Friend Olaf
What It Is

Olaf the snowman is always following around Anna and Elsa, but now he can follow you with the Disney Frozen 2 Follow-Me Friend Olaf. Use the snowflake controller to make Olaf sing, talk, and move.

Press the top button on the controller for Sing & Move mode. Olaf will move in a figure-eight pattern while singing. Press the bottom button for Talk mode. In this mode, each time you press the button, Olaf will say a phrase or play a sound effect. And as he's moving, talking, and singing, his eyes and mouth open and close.

And the middle button is Follow mode, which turns on a blue snowflake projection. Aim the snowflake light six to 12 inches on the ground in front of Olaf, and when you walk, Olaf will follow.

Is It Fun?

Frozen fans will really like interacting with a favorite character through this cute toy. The movement is fun to watch, and the phrases and sound effects bring the character to life and enhance the imaginative play. Olaf does a pretty good job of following the snowflake as long as you're going in a straight line. He didn't register turns very well, and that could be frustrating for kids, but overall, it is an engaging and interactive toy.

Who It’s For

Follow-Me Friend Olaf is for Frozen fans ages 3 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Olaf includes four AA batteries, but you'll need three AAA batteries for the controller. Make sure you switch the toy from "try me" to "on" to activate its full features. 

For best performance, use on a hard, flat surface.

The maximum distance between Olaf and the projected snowflake light is 18 inches.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy

    3 AAA & 4 AA batteries required