Star Wars The Rise of SkyWalker Toys Review (Hasbro)

Star Wars The Rise of SkyWalker Toys
What It Is

The Vintage Collection Poe Dameron X-Wing is a functional and (in some ways) very detailed version of the X-Wing, with such touches as the hidden ladder that can be used when your X-Wing is "parked" at its destination, or the surprisingly detailed cockpit that even has a joystick for your Poe figure to hold. The S-foils also lock into attack position very simply with two buttons on the back of the ship, so switching from flight mode to combat mode should be seamless for children without taking them out of the moment. Droids nor pilots are included, which is a bit of a disappointment until you realize they've done this to allow you to choose between your preferred droid companion (even including a special "adapter" for BB-8 figures). There is also no sound, so while more imagination is necessary (a welcome option in 2019), it does feel like a step down compared to even vintage models from the 70's and 80's that had some type of sound effect.

The First Order Driver and Treadspeeder is the latest in the long and storied line of exploding speeder bike, just themed around the new variant shown off in "The Rise of Skywalker." The bike features a First Order Driver figure, a firing missile, and the obligatory catapulting seat with destructible fuselage, in this case two pieces of plastic that fly apart at the front. As it's in the Galaxy of Adventures line, it's meant to be a simpler, more durable plaything for younger audiences. However, as such, it also made the underpowered catapult and breakaway fuselage feel very lackluster compared to older speeder bikes. On the upside, being scaled to Galaxy of Adventures figures means you can use it with more than just the Driver. (It also uses a First Order Stormtrooper figure identical to the individual one in the line that has the "Quick Draw" feature.)

The Spark and Go Droids are pretty straightforward: push them forward, and they spark up. These are definitely intended for the younger set who just want to have a cute, simple, inexpensive, and most importantly, fun little toy of the beloved BB-8 and newcomer D-0. As a stocking-stuffer or desktop decoration, you could certainly do worse, but there's really not much else here from what you get.

Is It Fun?
Though the X-Wing is more of a display piece, it should still provide fun for young collectors; the Treadspeeder will already add value to playtime thanks to the included figure, and compatibility with other Galaxy of Adventures figures makes it a versatile accessory. The Spark and Go droids will be fun at least for a little while.
Who It’s For

Vintage Collection X-Wing: Children ages 4+, adult collectors.

Treadspeeder and Spark and Go Droids: Children 4+.

What To Be Aware Of

There are very small parts for the Vintage Collection figures in particular. Treadspeeder features a missile that fires.

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