Luvabella Newborn Review (Spin Master)

Luvabella Newborn
What It Is

Luvabella dolls are known for being fun, interactive, and lifelike. With this newborn version of Luvabella, the awesomeness continues! The newborn baby comes with piercing blue eyes, a pink headband, a pink onesie covered with colorful hearts, and ruffled sleeves. A bottle and interactive pacifier are also included. The doll also comes with three touch sensors, one on her back, one on her mouth, and one on her tummy, plus one button on her back which should be pressed to wake her up if she is sleeping. There are so many fun ways to love, play with, and care for Luvabella Newborn. 

We all know babies like to cry, which Luvabella does when she is fussy, hungry, or isn't soothed. There are five different ways to soothe Luvabella. What better way to turn those tears off than to give her a pacifier? Bring the pacifier to her mouth and she will open her mouth. Gently place the pacifier inside. Once her mouth is closed, she will begin to suck. You'll know she's done when she yawns. From there, take out the pacifier and lay her down to make her fall asleep. If you keep her upright, she will stay awake. If you want to go through the sleeping process quicker, you can lay her down with her soother in her mouth and she'll fall asleep.

You can also make her fall asleep by rocking the baby in your arms. You can watch her belly rise and fall as she breathes. She'll continue to sleep until you hold her upright or press her back button. 

Another way to sooth your Luvabella is to hold her up and gently rub her back in circular motions, and she'll calm down. You'll hear her make happy gurgle noises. 

When it's feeding time, bring the bottle to her mouth. She'll open her mouth and close her mouth on the bottle and begin to suck. When she's done eating, take the bottle away. If she begins to get fussy, that just means she wants to be burped. In order to burp her, hold her upright and pat her back until she burps. If she's relieved, she'll make happy sounds!  Your child will also have fun tickling her! Simply lay her down and tickle her belly, and she will start to laugh. If you stop tickling for a few seconds, you will hear her coo for more tickles. 

Is It Fun?

They have an expressive face and movements . There are many different ways to play with her . Kids will use their imagination when playing with her and the interactive accessories add to the play.

Who It’s For

Children will love how realistic Luvabella is and will enjoy playing out family scenes. With a soft and snuggly body, Luvabella Newborn is also easy to cuddle up with.

What To Be Aware Of

No batteries are included.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy

    4 AA batteries required