Disney Frozen 2 Sister Styles Dolls Review (Hasbro)

Disney Frozen 2 Sister Styles Dolls
What It Is

Anna and Elsa might be sporting some new looks in Frozen 2, but one thing that will never change are braids in their hair. And now kids can create braided hairstyles for the sisters with Hasbro's Disney Frozen 2 Sister Styles dolls. Each doll, sold separately, has extra long hair and includes a braider, a base, a hair threader, two accessories, a comb, and six elastics. 

First, put the braider in the base, and then attach the doll to the base's doll clip. This helps keep the doll in place as you use the hair threader to pull sections of hair through the three tubes on the braider. The comb will help you smooth out and separate the doll's hair. Once the hair is in the braider, lift the braider from the base and press the button to start twisting the hair. Make sure you lift the doll from the doll clip and slowly pull it away to keep the braid going all the way down the hair. Once the braid is done, secure it with a hair elastic or a clip.

Along with the fun hair braiding, each doll is also dressed in her signature outfit from the movie, complete with removable boots.

Is It Fun?

Frozen fans are going to love the hair play with these dolls. The hair is extra long for lots of braiding and styling. Younger kids might need help with certain aspects of the braiding, but the premise is very easy and the results are really cool. You'll wish they made a larger version of this for your own hair! These dolls will also be a fun way for kids to play out favorite scenes from the new movie and imagine all-new adventures for favorite characters.

Who It’s For

The Disney Frozen 2 Sister Styles dolls are for Frozen fans ages 3 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

The instructions are easy to follow, but it can be a little tricky to pull the hair through the braider, so younger kids may need help from mom and dad.

Each Sister Styles doll is sold separately.

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