Disney Frozen 2 Figures Review (Hasbro)

Disney Frozen 2 Figures
What It Is

Play out big movie adventures at a small scale with new Disney Frozen 2 Figures. There are a variety of sets to collect, each in snow globe-inspired packaging. Turn the package upside down and then right-side up again to watch snow or leaf confetti rain down. 

The main characters of the movie can be collected individually. Both the Anna and Elsa figures wear their new outfits from the movie. Each figure has a removable cape, however, Anna's is a little tricky to get on and off. Both figures are poseable and can stand on their own.

Both characters also come in larger packs. The Anna & Olaf pack includes a poseable Anna doll wearing a cream-colored dress with a basket of bread and vegetables. There's also an Olaf figure with a moving head. The Elsa & the Nokk set includes a poseable Elsa doll who is barefoot, as seen in the movie's trailer, with an ice magic accessory that can be attached to her arm. The Nokk figure that comes with the doll looks like a translucent horse, and the back of the package says it is a mythical water spirit. 

The Family Set includes three poseable dolls of little Elsa, little Anna, and their mother, Queen Iduna. Plus, there is a little Olaf figure. 

And the Frozen Adventure Collection set is the largest, with poseable dolls of Elsa, Anna, and Kristoff, plus Olaf, Sven, and a wind gale accessory.

Is It Fun?

These figures make us very excited to see the new movie, so we're sure that young Frozen fans will be totally into these figure sets and curious about who or what some of these new characters are. The snow globe packaging is really cool, and don't be surprised if kids want to take the confetti out and play with it. The small dolls are a fun size, with nice detail and poseability for playing out all sorts of imaginative adventures.

Who It’s For

The Frozen 2 Figures are for fans of the movie ages 3 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Each Frozen 2 figure set is sold separately.

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