Super Studio Disney Frozen 2 Review (Osmo)

Super Studio Disney Frozen 2
What It Is

The new Super Studio Disney Frozen 2 brings to life favorite characters from the Frozen movies through a coloring book and app. This combines physical drawing with in-app animations to get kids creative and interacting with Anna, Elsa, and the rest of the crew.

The set includes access to the Super Studio app, a sketchpad with reusable pages, two Super Studio markers, and a Super Sweeper cloth for wiping off the pages.

Set up your tablet in the Osmo base, sold separately, and flip open the sketchpad, placing it flat in front of your device. The app guides kids through different activities to complete the drawings on the page, either by tracing or adding in their own artwork. Kids might have to design a crown for Elsa in the main mode or decorate the hallway with different pictures for the picture frames in Decoration mode. There are also learn-to-draw lessons so that kids can learn how to draw favorite characters, such as Olaf. What kids have drawn will appear on the screen and come to life through animation. Kids can then edit the colors of their drawings and even add glitter. And a kid's artwork can be saved to your device's gallery for sharing with family and friends.

Is It Fun?

Much like the Super Studio kits before it, the Frozen 2 Super Studio turns kids into Disney animators. Whether they are learning to draw a character or decorating a scene, it will be fun for kids to see their drawings magically appear and animate in the app. If you already have an Osmo base, then this game offers another way to play for Frozen fans. If not, you might want to get one in order to take advantage of this super creative toy.

Who It’s For

Super Studio Frozen 2 is for Frozen fans ages 5 to 10.

What To Be Aware Of

An Osmo base is not included, so if you don't have one, you'll need to get one in order to play.

For best results with the Super Sweeper cloth, make sure it's wet before wiping away your drawings.

The Super Studio Frozen 2 app is available for iPads and Amazon Fire tablets. A tablet is sold separately.

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