Babaste Baby Bottle Holder Review (Babaste)

Babaste Baby Bottle Holder
What It Is

Feeding time can sometimes be stressful: bottles fall, spill, and you're constantly having to watch the baby to make sure he or she is eating. Keep bottles secure and off the floor with the Baby Bottle Holder from Babaste.

The Babaste Baby Bottle Holder is designed to allow the baby to hold a bottle with little or no assistance. This holder has a 'cradle' that accommodates most bottles; adjustable height; radical pivot range that lets baby grab and use it from any angle; a no-spill design that automatically repositions the bottle to its original starting point whenever baby releases the bottle; and it is securely kept in place with a suction cup base that adheres to most surfaces.

Why Is It Useful?

This holder allows parents to be hands-free during feeding times which makes it perfect for parents or caregivers of multiple children in the house. It also helps children develop their strength and motor skills in the form of hand-eye coordination. 

The bottle holder has an adjustable height that lets it grow with the baby.

Who It’s For

Perfect for parents or caregivers of multiple bottle feeding children in the house.

What To Be Aware Of

It is quick and easy to use. First press bottle holder suction cup onto a clean smooth surface ensuring that the height adjustment button is facing the child. Then place the bottle onto the cradle and adjust the straps to secure the bottle in place. To adjust the height, press the height adjustment button to raise or lower as needed.

The bottle holder is not intended for matte or wood finish surfaces and it's hand wash only.

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