Zelia Max 5-in-1 Modular Travel System Review (Maxi-Cosi)

Zelia Max 5-in-1 Modular Travel System
What It Is

No matter how your baby wants to ride, you've got options with the Zelia Max 5-in-1 Modular Travel System. This includes a stroller and a Mico Max 30 infant car seat with base. What's cool about this stroller system is that the car seat attaches to the stroller frame for easy ins and outs with baby, but the stroller seat can be used as a fully reclined carriage for sleeping babies and then converted into a stroller seat for older children.

The infant car seat is the Mico Max 30, and it can be used rear-facing with babies from four to 30 pounds. An infant insert is included for babies who weigh four to five pounds. Install it with or without the base, although using the base makes it really easy to remove the car seat and attach to the stroller for quick ins and outs. Installing with the base also means you can use the LATCH connectors. If you don't use the base, you'll need to install the car seat using your vehicle's seatbelts, and you'll need to make sure that your seatbelts can lock in place. You can adjust the harness straps and the position of the buckle to accommodate baby as he grows, although both of these tasks are a little tricky to do. A canopy provides sun protection, and has Air Protect Side Impact Protection and an anti-rebound bar on the base for more stability. The car seat's seat pad can be removed for cleaning.

If you remove the car seat from the base, you can attach it to the stroller frame using the included car seat adaptors. Or use the stroller seat in one of two ways. As a fully reclined carriage, it can be attached to the stroller in parent-facing or outward-facing modes. And as baby gets older, use the stroller seat in parent-facing or outward-facing modes. You can also adjust the height of the shoulder straps to one of three positions as baby grows. As a stroller seat, there are three recline positions for your child's comfort. 

In both carriage and seat mode, there is an extendable canopy with flip-out visor for sun protection and a mesh peek-a-boo window so parents can keep an eye on baby. Attaching the canopy to the stroller was tricky for us.

A large basket underneath the seat gives parents plenty of space for bringing along essentials, plus a parent cup holder fits on the side of the stroller. Stylish parents will also like the vegan leather trim on the handlebar, which can be adjusted to three heights.

To lock the stroller, press down on the rear wheel pedal. Lift up on the pedal to release the brake.

There are four wheels on this stroller, and the front two are swivel wheels. You can lock the swivel wheels when using the stroller in a straight direction for a long period. 

The stroller can be folded with the seat attached. Just make sure you fold the seat first. Then there are two steps to take for folding, and you'll need both hands. Pull up on the handlebar releases and fold the handlebar, then pull up on the frame fold handle and lift up to fold the frame. There's a latch to keep the stroller locked when folded, which we had a little trouble connecting, and the stroller will stand on its own with the handlebar on the ground. Some parents might not think that's sanitary, but we've seen it on other strollers before, too. You'll presumably have wipes with you anyway. You can also fold the stroller without the seat.

Why Is It Useful?

Travel systems are so helpful because you get a car seat and a stroller that can be used together. So if your baby is sleeping, it's easy to get him out of the car and into the stroller. What's also nice about this travel system in particular is that it works in five modes and everything is included: the stroller frame, the car seat, and the two-in-one carriage/seat. No separate accessories to purchase! It also has a smooth ride and is easy to maneuver. We do wish the fold was a little easier.

Who It’s For

You can use this stroller with babies from birth up to 50 pounds.

What To Be Aware Of

This is an upgraded version of the regular Zelia travel system.

The Mico Max 30 car seat has a printed level line to help you correctly install the seat in your car. With a bubble level, it's a little easier to see when the car seat is level to the ground.

The LATCH connectors are very easy to attach and detach to the LATCH bars in your car. They are connected to one strap, as opposed to each connector having its own strap for tightening. 

When tightening the car seat harness straps, it often felt like something was catching and preventing the straps from being fully tight against the child.

For the most part, assembly of the stroller was easy. We had trouble getting the canopy attached to the stroller seat. And the instructions for converting between carriage and seat were confusing. It was also difficult to go from carriage to stroller seat because you'll need a lot of strength to buckle a strap underneath the seat. 

Folding the stroller required multiple steps, not always convenient when you have a little one with you, and it was difficult to connect the locking mechanism.

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