Hatchimals WOW Review (Spin Master)

Hatchimals WOW
What It Is

The hatching experience of Hatchimals has a new wow factor. With Hatchimals WOW, inside the largest Hatchimals egg ever, you'll be hatching one of two styles of Llalacorns - part unicorn, part llama. There are images on the package of the pink and purple styles. 

The hatching process is similar to previous Hatchimals models, but it won't take as long. Hatchimals WOW only takes five minutes of tilting the egg back and forth before you'll see rainbow eyes on the shell, meaning the Llalacorn is ready to hatch. Watch as it grows tall to push off the egg top and sing "Hatchy Birthday".

Once your Llalacorn hatches, it will wake up in one of 10 surprise moods, and you can cuddle it, feed it, play games with it, make it chase its fruit accessory, and tickle it. The more you play with this soft and fluffy creature, the more you'll discover its personality and the more than 250 sounds and interactions it has. And the more you'll watch it go from small to tall. The Llalacorn can grow up to 32 inches. 

Unlike other Hatchimals, this one can actually be rehatched. Place it back into the egg and do it all over again.

Is It Fun?

There are a lot of elements here that kids (and parents) will appreciate. The shorter hatching time means kids get to the interactive play faster, but they can still rehatch the Llalacorn if they want more of the hatching experience. The new Hatchimals creatures are really cute, with lots to discover through the play, and it's fun to watch them grow and shrink, depending on how you're playing with them.

Who It’s For

Hatchimals WOW is for ages 5 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Hatchimals WOW comes with four AA batteries.

Not all of the features were consistent.

We had trouble getting the Hatchimal to interact properly with its food accessory.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions


    4 AA batteries required