Owleez Review (Spin Master)

What It Is

This baby owl wants to learn how to fly, and play games, and sing, and so much more. Owleez is an interactive baby owl that needs your help to learn to fly. And when you're not teaching it to fly, there's a lot of interactive play thanks to three touch sensors on the forehead, beak, and belly. 

Teaching Owleez to fly is the main play pattern of this toy. Remove the owl from its nest and move it up and down. It will say, "Weeeee!" When its eyes light up with flashing rainbow colors, that means it's ready to fly. So put it in the nest and watch it go. After each successful fly, the owl will do a little dance, and then fly for a bit longer the next time. It will fly up to a maximum of 10 seconds before landing. If your owl needs some help, you can hold your hand underneath so that the owl hovers over it.

If it doesn't have a successful fly, it will be sad with red eyes, and you'll have to pet its head to make it happy again with pink eyes.

Speaking of eye colors, look to the owl's eyes to determine how the owl is feeling. There is an eye mood chart to help you remember what action to take depending on the color of the eyes. You might need to pet its forehead, feed it its food accessory, or move it from side to side for some singing.

You can also play a Catch the Color game with the owl. Just tap the owl's forehead when its eyes light up in the correct color.

Once your owl is flying like a pro, you can reset it to teach it to fly all over again.

Is It Fun?

This isn't just a flying toy. It's got a lot of interactive features that might remind kids of Spin Master's Hatchimals, and those features offer different ways to play with Owleez. Does it fly perfectly? No. But it's learning. What might be hard is finding the space in your home that is big enough so the owl avoids obstacles when flying. But rest assured that it is durable. Ours crashed a lot. 

Who It’s For

Owleez is for ages 6 and up. 

What To Be Aware Of

A USB cable to charge the owl is built into the nest. 

Do not fly the owl near eyes, face, hair, or other people. 

This is for indoor flying only. The nest should always be on a flat surface and five feet away from walls or obstacles.

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  • Assembly & Instructions

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