SuperThings Collectible Toys Review (Goliath Games)

SuperThings  Collectible Toys
What It Is

Welcome to Kaboom City, a place where every hero has a rival. And kids can collect and battle them all with the SuperThings toy line. There are more than 80 SuperThings in series 1, and each character has a specific rival. So soda bottle Fizzer's rival is a bottle opener named Mad Pop. And the strawberry-shaped Strikeberry battles against a blender named Vortex. Each character is also categorized under a different theme: Star Team, Furious Gang, Central Patrol, Mutant Bandits, Cool Troop, and Mad Clan. There are also two Super Rare Gold Finish figures of Super Leader Hero Airblast and Super Leader Villain Kactor. Or there's the Ultra Rare Enigma figure.

To get your SuperThings collection started, start with the Starter Pack. This includes a comic book that introduces the SuperThings story, a metal hideout, and three SuperThings, one of which comes in a blind bag to unbox.

Speaking of blind bags, you can collect more figures in blind bag two-packs that come with one hero and one villain, or pick a blind bag that has one hideout and one SuperThing. There are eight hideouts to collect. 

There are also blind boxes that come with one SuperThing and one SuperCar. There are eight cars to collect. 

Kaboom Traps are also available to collect, and inside each one are two exclusive SuperThings. Use the trap to trap your hero's rivals.

To collect more SuperThings at once, there's a four-pack of SuperThings that also comes with two hideouts, a SuperBlaster, and three SuperDiscs. You can see two of the SuperThings in the package, but the other two are hidden inside the hideouts. With the SuperBlasters, you can launch the three discs to try and take down an opponent. 

And the 10-pack includes 10 SuperThings, one of which is super rare, and you won't know which one that is until you open up the package. You'll either find Airblast or Kactor. 

Is It Fun?

There are a lot of ways to collect SuperThings and how kids play with them is all up to their imaginations. The SuperCars, Kaboom Traps, and SuperBlasters are fun accessories that inspire different ways to play. The character figures are very silly, and most of the rival mash-ups are pretty clever. Kids will like playing with the figures on their own and setting them up in cool displays to show off their collections.

Who It’s For

SuperThings are for ages 5 and up. Kids who like unboxing toys and mini collectibles will have fun collecting and playing with these characters.

What To Be Aware Of

These are called SuperZings abroad.

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    None or Very Easy