BeYouTology Luxe Cosmetic Bar and Lip Gloss Kit Review (RoseArt)

BeYouTology Luxe Cosmetic Bar  and Lip Gloss Kit
What It Is

With BeYouTology, kids can create and wear their own makeup. The line consists of the Lip Gloss Kit and the Luxe Cosmetic Bar, each sold separately. 

With the Lip Gloss Kit, kids can make their own lip gloss in custom colors. The set includes a tube of lip gloss medium, 16 Pigment Pearls, three lip gloss containers, a mixing bowl, a spoon, and instructions. You'll pour a small amount of lip gloss medium into the mixing bowl, and then add two to three Pigment Pearls. The Pigment Pearls come in blue, light pink, yellow, and iridescent. Crush and mix the pearls using the flat end of the spoon. Then, add two spoonfuls of lip gloss medium to the crushed mixture and stir thoroughly. Once fully mixed, use the spoon to transfer the lip gloss to a container so that you can store it for future use or package it up and give it to a friend.

You can also make lip gloss with the Luxe Cosmetic Bar, plus eyeshadow and highlighter. This kit includes 72 Pigment Pearls, a lip gloss tube, six lip gloss containers, a compact case, six eyeshadow wells, a dropper bottle, a makeup applicator, a highlighter brush, a crushing tool, a mixing bowl, a spoon, a spatula, three stylist color mixing cards, and instructions. And there is space on the Cosmetic Bar for storing some of the items. Each color of Pigment Pearl gets stored in its own clear tube for easy dispensing into a mixing bowl. Just rotate to the color you want and press the tab to dispense. Making the highlighter and eyeshadow is similar to making the lip gloss (crush up and mix the Pigment Pearls), but instead of using lip gloss medium, you use isopropyl alcohol, not included. The color mixing cards are definitely a perk of this kit because they give kids inspiration for how to mix the colors, and this set has a compression tool to help crush up the pearls. 

Is It Fun?

These sets encourage kids to get creative. It's sort of like makeup science, with kids experimenting with different color combinations to see what they get. It's pretty easy to make everything, although our lip gloss wasn't totally smooth, but the color turned out really nice. Kids will like following the color instructions to get them started or just making up their own makeup looks.

Who It’s For

The BeYouTology kits are for ages 8 and up. Adult assistance is required. 

What To Be Aware Of

Making makeup is kind of messy. You might want to cover your workspace before you begin.

The Luxe Cosmetic Bar requires isopropyl alcohol to make eyeshadow and highlighter. 

For cleanup, you will need isopropyl alcohol and paper towels.

Assembly of the Cosmetic Bar is required. 

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