Grimlings Review (WowWee)

What It Is

Get ready for something scary cute. It's the Grimlings! These start off as cute interactive pets, kind of like Fingerlings, but certain reactions will make them turn grim. There are four characters to collect: a bunny named Hip Hop, a dog named Junk Yard, a cat named Scaredy Cat, and a unicorn named Evil Gigi. 

The play is similar to the original Fingerlings. Pop one of these characters onto your finger or set them down on a table. They do sit up on their own, and their hands are designed to grip onto things, such as a laptop. Then turn them on for some interactive fun. You can pet your Grimling's forehead to hear happy loving sounds. If you hold the forehead sensor for two to three seconds, your Grimling will fart. There's also a microphone on the left side of each Grimling's face. If you blow into it, your Grimling will react in different ways. If your Grimling hears one clap, he'll respond with happy sounds. 

But two claps will turn your Grimling grim. That means growling, head spinning, and sharp teeth showing. But just as soon as grim mode has been activated, your Grimling spins his head and all is happy again. That is, until you shake the Grimling, causing its eyes to glow red, its teeth to descend, and its head to twitch and spin as more growling and evil laughter plays. Then it's back to happy time again. Until you turn off the lights. Then it's back to red eyes, spinning head, and sharp teeth. And whenever your Grimling is in grim mode, turn it upside down for more grim reactions.

Once your Grimling turns happy again, it's safe to cradle it for sleepy reactions.

Is It Fun?

These are cute and creepy, and kids are going to think that combination is pretty cool. The Grimlings have the same simple interactivity of the original Fingerlings but with all-new types of responses, and we didn't experience any issues with activating all of the Grimlings' reactions. We think kids will have fun watching their Grimling go from happy pet to grim, sometimes without any prompting from kids. They just turn on their own...

Who It’s For

Grimlings are for ages 5 and up, and will be perfect for kids who like scary-cute things.

What To Be Aware Of

Four button cell batteries are included. 

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy

    4 cell batteries required