Toss Review (Munchkin)

What It Is

Here's the thing about parenthood: you will inevitably have to change a diaper while on the go and it might not always be pee. But that's where the Munchkin Toss comes in handy. Each box includes five disposable diaper pails that you can use while you're out and about or at home. 

The pails start out flat, and you pull both ends to expand them. Each Toss is constructed of a durable bag with resealable lid to keep odors out and wetness contained. There's a loop at the top in case you need to hang it, say from a bathroom stall hook. Once you're done doing the diaper change, just toss the soiled diaper and wipes into the Toss bag and close the lid. Each bag can hold up to 30 newborn-sized diapers. There are clear lines on each side so you can see how much you've got in there. Once it's full, you can toss the whole Toss. This actually uses less plastic than traditional diaper pail and refill systems, according to Munchkin.

Why Is It Useful?

The Toss would be the perfect diaper disposal system to keep in your car. And according to Munchkin's research, 94 percent of parents have changed a diaper in the car. But parents also change diapers in dressing rooms, on someone else's lap, and even on a sports stadium seat. So the compact nature of the Toss also makes it ideal for anywhere you go with baby. But even if you're just using it at home as an alternative to the plastic diaper pail refills, you'll be impressed with its storage capacity and odor and leak control.

Who It’s For

The Munchkin Toss is for parents who need an easier way to dispose of dirty diapers on the go.

What To Be Aware Of

The Toss sometimes isn't that sturdy if there are only one or two diapers in it. 

The lid is essentially a sticker that can lose its "stick" over time, meaning odor control might be a problem as the Toss gets fuller and fuller.

With traditional diaper pails, you press a button with your foot and it pops open. This one doesn't have that, so one hand has to open the lid while the other hand stuffs the diaper inside, and if you're also trying to keep a wiggly baby secure, the Toss can be cumbersome to use.

This is something we'd recommend for car travel and when you're staying at a hotel. Because the Toss doesn't fold up again once you start putting diapers in it, it's not going to be convenient to use on an airplane, for instance, unless you want to only use it once and then toss it on the plane. In that instance, you'd want to use the airplane bathroom trash can or a single-use disposable diaper bag. 

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