PAW Patrol Launch'N Haul Paw Patroller Review (Spin Master)

PAW Patrol Launch'N Haul Paw Patroller
What It Is

Send PAW Patrol on a roll out of the new PAW Patrol Launch'N Haul Paw Patroller. This is a little bit smaller than the original Paw Patroller toy, and that's because it's compatible with PAW Patrol True Metal vehicles and includes a bunch of stunt features for those vehicles. You can fit up to seven True Metal vehicles inside the Paw Patroller, and you get a Robodog vehicle to start the fun.

When it's all closed, the Paw Patroller has real-rolling wheels so kids can drive it around. But open it up and roll a vehicle to the tune-up station where sliding the logo lever raises and lowers the platform. On the other side there's a launcher so that Robodog can zoom into the fire accessory and put out the flames. You can also send Robodog down the slide to rescue the bear.

Is It Fun?

The True Metal vehicles are fun to collect, and now kids have a fun space to play out all sorts of action-packed adventures with them. The stunt features are exciting and easy to activate. Kids will like doing them over and over. It's also nice that the playset functions as a vehicle when all closed up so that kids can pretend to transport their PAW Patrol pups to the next mission.

Who It’s For

The PAW Patrol Launch'N Haul Paw Patroller is for PAW Patrol fans ages 3 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

It can be tricky for kids to open the Paw Patroller the correct way, so parents may need to help.

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