Kitty Twist'r Review (Red Rocket)

Kitty Twist'r
What It Is

Cleaning up litter can be a big problem; it's messy and smelly and can leak out. The patented Kitty TWIST'R is a litter receptacle to help reduce the smell. The bag is twisted to keep the smell in, similar to a Diaper Genie. The item includes one Kitty TWIST'R, two refill bags, and one charcoal sachet. 

Following the steps that Red Rocket Pets outlines, first you pick up the cat waste using the litter scoop. It's very cute and fish-shaped. Then you open the lid with your hand, then you press your foot down on the pedal and hold. You place the scoop in the bag and open to release the waste from the scoop. Next, close the scoop and remove from the bag. Release the foot pedal and close the lid. Then, to remove the bag from the Kitty TWIST'R, you remove the bag frame from the collar, then lift the bag from the Kitty TWIST'R and dispose. 

Why Is It Useful?

Cat owners and their friends and family can now breathe easier because there's no more dirty litter stench burning a perma-memory into their noses. The self-sealing bag isolates dirty litter and the activated charcoal absorbs odors. There is no kneeling, bending, or cutting required. It comes fully assembled and ready-to-use; just slide in the paws under the foot pedal. Step on the pedal, drop the dirty litter, and the litter and smells disappear. Each bag holds up to two weeks of litter per cat and can be lifted out the top and thrown away when full. 

Who It’s For

Cat parents who want to have their homes smell better and less like cat urine. 

What To Be Aware Of

I found the inner bag very difficult to use and not very user-friendly. It seems like a lot of work to prevent a smell. 

Also, the scooper is hard to use. It is fairly flimsy and doesn't clamp down securely. Overall, I think there are better methods for cleaning up your cat's litter. 
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