LeapStart Go Review (LeapFrog)

LeapStart Go
What It Is

There's a new way for kids to learn and play thanks to the LeapStart Go. Instead of being a big book like the LeapStart, the LeapStart Go is an easy-to-hold stylus that triggers videos and audio responses on its adjustable 1.44-inch LCD screen and built-in speaker. All kids have to do is touch the stylus to interactive charts, book pages, and more to explore and interact. A 12-page Explore & Go Sampler book is included with the LeapStart Go, but additional activity sets, such as The Human Body, are sold separately. 

When touching the stylus to something in the book, a sound effect will notify kids to look at the screen for an animation. Or if the picture has a play button next to it, you'll know that tapping on it activates animations. If you're using the LeapStart Go with a LeapStart book, touching one of the words might activate a video on the screen to give kids a visual of what the word means. In the activity sets, touching a picture of the Sun, for instance, plays a live-action video of the sun. And of course, each page offers different activities and games for kids to play to reinforce the learning content.

Is It Fun?

If you want to bring learning on the go, this is a compact way to do it. It offers the same type of learning play as the LeapStart and LeapStart 3D, but in a size similar to that of the LeapReader to make the play portable. If you already have LeapStart books at home, you can use those with the LeapStart Go, but the additional activity sets also offer a lot of fun play and give kids more ways to explore. The animations provide an engaging element, but don't worry because there aren't animations for every single thing, so kids won't be focused solely on the screen. The animations are a fun surprise that enhance the audio content and imagery in the books. 

Who It’s For

The LeapStart Go is for ages 4 to 8.

What To Be Aware Of

A USB cord is included for charging. 

There is volume control and a headphone jack.

This works with all LeapStart books but is not compatible with LeapReader books.

The LeapStart Go comes in green or pink.

The LeapStart Go Human Body set comes with an interactive growth chart, double-sided activity board, and stickers. It is sold separately from the LeapStart Go device.

  • Fun

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  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy