Power Rangers Beast Morphers Review (Hasbro)

Power Rangers Beast Morphers
What It Is

Inspired by Saban's Power Rangers and from Hasbro Toys come The Beast Morphers Electronic Cheetah Claw, The BEAST-X Electronic Saber, and The Beast-X Ultrazord. Beware the Red Ranger and his cool wearable claw! This weapon is worn on top of the hand and attaches at the wrist. Swiping action causes the claws to come out and engage in full fury mode. Press the side buttons to retract the blades. The sound effects happen when the claws are in motion or when the button on the back of the claws is pressed. The BEAST-X Electronic Saber is super cool and gives the blue Ranger his edge. It comes with 3 AAA demo batteries installed. Activate the sword by using battle action and by pressing the button at the grip. The Blue lights flicker and the battle sounds are awesome. These are designed for ages 5 and up. Budding rangers will lose their minds over these exciting NEW additions to the World of Saban's Power Rangers. Finally, The Beast-X Ultrazord is a powerful knight with posing features at the head, wrists and shoulders. Designed for ages 4 and up, the Ultrazord makes over 30 sounds.. It comes with 2 AAA demonstration batteries installed. Power him up, and press the green button on his chest to start him talking. When Ultrazord announces flight mode, pick him up and make flying motions with him. His eyes will flicker green lights as will his chest. This colorful blue and yellow warrior will rule the universe with his two piece staff. Ultrazord is able to hold the staff in either hand. His sturdy stance makes him ready to stand guard.

Is It Fun?

These new electronic Power Ranger toys are fun. Each of these awesome toys have sounds and have flashing lights to add excitement to playtime. Young super fans will love creating their own Power Ranger inspired adventures with these awesome additions. 

Who It’s For

These new additions to the world of Power Rangers Beasts are for young fans of the franchise. Recommended for children ages 4 and up, kids will love acting out scenarios and creating their own adventures with these newest of Power Rangers toys.

What To Be Aware Of
Each is sold separately. Some toys require batteries and a screwdriver is needed for installation.
  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions


    2 AA & 3 AA batteries required