KaBlocks Blast Review (MindWare)

KaBlocks Blast
What It Is

KaBlocks Blast helps with that - it's a construction set which uses kinetic force to blast soft foam blocks over 6 feet into the air! The set includes a build and blast platform, 22 lightweight foam blocks, and a guidebook with tips and ideas. The platform is made of a high-quality silicone and an easy to use stomp lever. 

The soft foam blocks come in an array of shapes, sizes, colors, and they're easy to stack. Your child will learn the basics of physics while developing their large motor skills, such as the muscles that are responsible for running, jumping, and throwing .

The guidebook has plenty of fun activities to test out with your child. A couple examples: sort your blocks by colors and shapes, or experiment by building with more or less blocks. Then see, how does the size of the build change how high the blocks launch? When you're done playing you can pack the set back in the box. 

Is It Fun?

There's an introduction to science . Develops motor skills, creative thinking and learning through play is always a good way to a child's heart.

Who It’s For

Kids who enjoy building and knocking blocks down- or even better blowing them up will enjoy this set. This gives them the space to be creative and start thinking about other ways to expand the fun.

What To Be Aware Of

There aren't enough blocks to keep the building going.

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