Foodie Surprise Mini- Collectable Food Carts Review (Redwood Ventures)

Foodie Surprise Mini- Collectable Food Carts
What It Is

We all love a good food cart and these new mini collectibles bring a creative twist to it. Each set includes 1 food cart, 1 candy storage container, up to 11 packs of candy powder, 1 collector's poster, 1 eye dropper, 1 mixing tool, 1 mixing/measuring cup, up to 8 vac form mold trays, 1 ball chain, and instructions.  

There are 8 in all to collect and this one is the Ice Cream set. It comes in the form of a banana split, three ice-cream scoops, strawberry, banana and the food cart. The pieces cannot be taken apart individually except when opening it up to take the ingredients out.   

The instructions are plain and simple-  you can make waffle bowls, gummy cherries, gummy bananas, vanilla scoops, strawberry scoops and drizzle topping. The instructions are given through pictures and will be easy to follow. For instance when making the waffle bowls, add water to the fill line on the measuring cup, add the beige packet to the cup and mix. Then fill it in the waffle bowl mold tray and wait 5 minutes for it to harden a bit. Same goes for the Gummy Cherries, Gummy Bananas, Vanilla Scoops, Strawberry Scoops and Drizzle Topping!

Is It Fun?

Blind bags are always fun for kids. You're able to eat what you make and then, you can store everything back in the container.

Who It’s For

Kids 6+. Kids who love creating delicious edible candy treats that look like real food!

What To Be Aware Of

Once supplies run out for making treats the fun ends.

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