Babu Stacker, Rocker, and Rollers Review (MindWare)

Babu Stacker, Rocker, and Rollers
What It Is

Babu Rollers, Babu Stacker and the Babu Rocker are all made of super sleek wood, giving these pieces a simple yet modern twist to some classic toys. 

Let's begin with Babu Rollers- included in this set are 3 wooden car bases and 6 wooden car tops. Since the tops are colorful and the bases are interchangeable kids can transform a car into fun unique ways and move them along with their smooth-rolling wheels.  For kids 18 months and up.

Babu Stacker gives the same fun and comes in beautiful wood as well. Each set comes with 6 vibrant colors to give children an introduction to colors. Kids can make a traditional pyramid by stacking the sleek rainbow pieces by size and sequence, or twist and turn them to make a more playful shape. For kids ages 6 months and up

The Babu Rocker is also giving kids loads of fun. Each set includes a wooden rocking base, wooden center block and 6 colorful wooden blocks.  From color sorting, stacking and balancing to creating a boat or merry-go-round, this beautiful rainbow puzzle is a tactile, timeless piece. It's also a really good learning toy to teach kids how to place the pieces back where they go, like a puzzle. For kids 12 months and up.

Why Is It Useful?

Non-toxic, BPA-free, water-based finish , which gives parents the sense of security. These are all a timeless addition to your wooden toys and  it helps develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Who It’s For

Kids are inspired to exercise their creativity and imagination with simple, open-ended toys like these Babu toys. 

What To Be Aware Of
Each sold separately.
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