Pixie Belles Review (WowWee)

Pixie Belles
What It Is

This Pixi Belle, Aurora, is ready to dance, spin and cuddle with her new owner. She comes in turquoise with pink accents all over her hard body, horn and furry tail. There are three fun ways to play with Aurora; Nurture Mode, Pixie Power Dance Mode, and Spin Mode! In Nurture mode you can pet, kiss, and interact with your Belle for the cutest reactions. In Spin Mode- talk out loud or clap your hands and watch the Belles spin! In Dance Mode- your Pixie Belles has 6 different dances. In order to switch between the three modes, press down on the pink heart on her chest. Just note that there's not much of a distinction with the Nurture mode.

Pixi Belles tell you their mood with their color changing horn. You'll also be able to wear and interchange your Pixie Belles tail! A latch is attached at the end of your Pixie Belle. Swap them between your other Pixie Belles, wear them in your hair, wrist, keychain or anywhere else you can think of!  What also makes the Pixie Belles fun and unique is that they have a magnetic bottom which allows you detach the bottom pod and wear your Pixie Belle on your clothing. This makes it feel a bit more special and closer to you. The wings can also be detached. 

Pixie Belles have the Kiss Technology, which detects your cheek to give you a kiss! The longer you hold it against your cheek, the longer the kiss lasts!

Is It Fun?

There are 3 modes to change so kids can switch up the fun . The detachable tail adds more creative play and the kiss technology is very cute.

Who It’s For

Pixie Belles are sold separately. They are for children 5 and up who enjoy an interactive companion.

What To Be Aware Of

 As much as I love that there are 3 modes, a couple of the modes aren't distinguished enough to know which mode is which.

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